My friend shared  a beautiful story.
I'd like to share with you.
I hope you like this inspirational story.

Train Ride
At birth we boarded the train and met our parents, and we believe they will always travel on our side. However, at some station our parents will step down from the train, leaving us on this journey alone.
As time goes by, other people will board the train; and they will be significant i.e. our siblings, friends, children, and even the love of our life. Many will step down and leave a permanent vacuum. Others
will go so unnoticed that we don't realize that they vacated their seats!
This train ride will be full of joy, sorrow, fantasy, expectations, hellos, goodbyes, and farewells.
Success consists of having a good relationship with all passengers...requiring that we give the best of ourselves.
The mystery to everyone is: We do not know at which station we ourselves will step down. So, we must
live in the bes t way - love, forgive, and offer the best of who we are.
It is important to do this because when the time comes for us to step down and leave our seat empty –
we should leave behind beautiful memories for those who will continue to travel on the train of life.
I wish you a joyful journey for the coming year on the train of life. Reap success and give lots of love. More importantly, thank God for the journey!
Lastly, I thank you for being one of the passengers on my train!


Sea Food from Hokkaodou

I got delicious seafood from Hokkaido at ISETAN SCOTTS ORCHARD today.
Hokkaidou is well known for Its fresh and delicious seafood , especially  crab, scallop , urchin and ikura (roe salmon).
ISETAN is  now holding a HOKKAIDOU FAIR till 23th of June.

Once I decide to eat delicious seafoods, I forget about being vegetarian because I really enjoy them with pleasure.
I understand how seafood affects our body in a negative way because It's contaminated by heavy metals in the sea.
But I think It's impossible to avoid pollution as long as we live in a modern society so I'd like to appreciate and enjoy all pleasure in this  world. 
Life is short so I'd like to enjoy my life as much as possible.

I hope It is not harmful when we  thankfully   appreciate the food which is considered not healthy.
My Raw Food teacher told me that cooked food prepared by'' a happy chef'' is easier to digest than uncooked(raw) food prepared by ''an unhappy chef''. 
 I totally agree it.

I got a seafood bento box.
I was extreamly happy when I ate it.
It was soooo nice! 

SALMON ROE ,my son's favorite I appreciate that I can get Japanese fresh food even though I live in Singapore.
I got ramen.too!
pork meat for ramen was free gift.
thanks to ISETAN


Wiser Choice than PotatoChips

 FIFA WORLD CUP  is being held in Brazil now!
Are you a big fun of football? Actually,I'm not .
But my son is a huge fan of football and he has been watching games all  day since FIFA started.
He sometimes wants to eat potato chips while watching the games .

Now I have a good suggestion for those who want to have some snacks while  watching TV.
Do you feel guilty after eating oily potato chips?   or  Have you  ever  felt '' oh I did it again, but I can't resist it''??

Here is a much wiser and healthier option for couch potatoes !
The answer is  POP CORN.

Pop corn is a whole grain food and it contains more of the antioxidant substances like polyphenols than fruits and vegetables.  
Also Its calorie  is much lower than other snacks such as potato chips and you won't feel sick after eating it. Sometimes I feel sick after eating snacks because of their oxidized oiliness .
Because of great benefit ,It seemed that POP QUEEN MADONNA did popcorn diet and she succeeded .
Now popcorn is more than just a traditional snack while waching movie.
I belieave that healthy popcorn should be home-made.

How to make it is very simple and easy.
you just fry popcorn with small amount of olive oils , and just add salt and pepper .
Than's all!

I made popcorn for my son this morning.
maple syrup and agave syrup could be tasty
aside from salt and pepper.

It's really fun to see that popcorns are dancing in the pan!

you can find organic popcorn at natural shop!
I bought this popcorn at brown rice paradise at Tanglin Mall.


Create Your Own Salad at Toss and Turn

I often come to  Toss and Turn to have lunch or dinner whenever I want to eat plenty of vegetables.
At this salad bar ,you can create your own salad as you like.
You can choose 2 protein rich meat (such as chicken,salmon, prawn  etc) and 4 veges( or crunchies , fruits etc)as toppings for basic green leaf salad.
For me, I always choose all vegetables.
Aside from  green leaf salad, you can also  choose from  noodle or rice salad.

What  I like most about Toss and Turn is that they always provide fresh and good quality  ingredients .
I always choose olives , actually  their olives are one of the best olives I have ever had.
It is  fresh and juicy and  not salty .
Aside from vegetables, the  variety of soup are also very good. 
The home-made  soup makes you feel comfortable and happy.
This casual style salad bar is a branch of Cedele ,which is very popular for the health consious and also delisious restaurant in Singapore.
This is the reason why Toss and Turn also have their   confort soup ,like Cedele.
You can enjoy the tasty soup as well as cedele.

Another of their signatures dish is  hot sandwiches which have different  variety for vegen.

This is my dinner for today.
I choose orange carrots soup , It tastes  so fresh!!

Toss and Turn 
2 Orchard Turn ION Ochard #B4-55 Singapore 238801 
+65 6636 5835


Trattoria 33 at The Cuppage Terrace

I had  dinner at trattoria 33 last weekend .
The owners , who are also my friend , opened this nice  restaurant in April.

They provide  good quality  delisous and affordable dishes.
The dishes are created by a chef had worked at Michelin's restaurants in Italy for 8 years.

It seems  difficult to find high quality  but affordable restaurants in Singapore.
But you'll  definitely find satisfaction here!

You need to  set an appoinment especially on weekends.
Now they gained customers through word-of-mouth.
Enjoy fantastic Italian cuisine !!

イタリアで修行されて島内でも某有名イタリアンで腕をふるってこられたシェフの作るお料理は日本人好みの繊細なお味です サービスも日本クオリティです!

Trattoria 33
 Cuppage Terrace, 33 Cuppage Rd Singapore 229458
                18:00-02:00   mon to sat
         16:00-0:00          sun

I love brrata cheese!
It's very soft  ,creamy and melts in your mouth.

Italian dampring stuffed with beef meet

fantastic alabiata
it has a  distinct flavor
you must try

beef cheek  simmerd in red wine
sweet and tender

my recommend  is  arabiata .
bolognese is also delectable!!

My IKEABNA Work for 17th jun 2014

For today's lesson ,I used Calla lily and greens.

language of flowers
Calla lily
magnificent beauty feminine modesty


Why enzyme is necessary for beautiful skin

I make fruits enzyme drinks by myself and take it  at least once a twice or a
 day .
ever since I've drunk home made enzyme drinks, I feel more energetic and my skin has improved  espesially  when it comes to   annoying pores on the cheek which are caused by sagging skin .
my husband's skin has  also improved , now he got back his firm and elastic skin.

Acutually, we have been already drinking  ready-made enzyme drinks for  a several years ,
but I feel that home-made enzyme drinks are much more efficient for our health and beauty.

Let me explain How enzyme drinks improve your skin .

enzymes are live agents which  are responsible for the  metabolic system in our body.
It's really necessary and important.
because without enzyme , our body  can not function well .

the more enzymes you get, the more your body function system works.
if your body function system works well , that also means  you can produce a healthy and beautiful skin by yourself.

 It is for this reason that I take as much raw food as I can. because  raw food is rich in enzyme.

I definately say that   healthy  skin can only be made by  a healthy body.
Don't miss the point as it 's essensial  for your beauty.


Let me introduce the benefits of enzyme drinks.

・boost  your immune system

・produce beauty skin

・detoxifying your body

・improving intestinal environment

・helping to lose weight

・less tired, feel more energetic

 and more ...!!

This amazing  effectiveness is caused by well-functioned  metabolic system of our body .
taking enzyme drinks can  improve  your body function.

once you take part intake enzyme drink, you can see a lot of benefits from the drinks.

on my next blog, I'll introduce how to make fruits home-made enzyme drinks.

see you soon!

I make enzyme drink 2 to 3 times a month.
for this time, I made the drinks with mango,
blueberry, kiwi,mandarin.
It smells nice and fresh!!

I like to have this drinks with sparkling water , lime juice and fresh mint leaves.
it's so refreshing!!


BLACK SESAME  It's good for hair loss!!!

Hair loss annoyed me for more than  2 years .
I felt that I already lost one thirds of my hair since I came to Singapore!!
I guess that the quality of water and this hot weather might have caused this hair loss.

but now I don't have to worry about that anymore because
lately I have been taking black sesame paste every morning with honey.
since I has started to take black sesame paste with honey, my excessive  hair loss seemed to stop and I regained my shiny black hair again.
 I also started to use water purifier for shower , it is also effective in preventing hair loss .

You might be wondering , why would  black sesame work for hair loss ?
Well , let me try to explain. It links to the traditional chinese medicine (TCM).
In TCM ,  we consider that every thing in this whole world is made up of 5 elements :wood, fire, earth ,metal and water.
The human body system also have the 5 elements  .

Each element has an organ and path way (meridian)  linked to each other.
the water element  is linked to the kidney and its corresponding path way.
Black sesame  can  help in nourishing the  kidney .
Keeping the kidney in top shape is related to the health of hair,
that's why nourishing the kidney will improve hair growth and hair color ( if you are annoyed by grey hair )

Please forgive my simple explanation ,  it's quite tough to talk about TCM system in my mother tongue which is Japanese but it is tougher to expound on the topic using English.
If you are interested in the TCM system, you may search on the internet.

All I can say is that black sesame paste  is certainly good in combatting hair loss  and don't forget the honey ,too .
just try it and get the shiny, beautiful hair that all women dream of.

you can get black sesame at organic store
here singapore, I usually go

Brown Rice Paradise

                 Four Seasons Organic Market

Fairprice Finest

( zhong shan mall branch ,they have more variety of organic food )


Gotou -japanese kaiseki restaurant-

Sometimes I go to japanese fine dining with my husband .
because my husband has  a huge! passion for food ,especially japanese food.
Gotou is an authentic kaiseki japanese restaurant at Ann Siang Rd near china town.
that was our first visit there.

what  I love most about japanese food  is that I can feel the season.
I can perfectly distinguish the season   through  delicately balanced dishes.

we felt  early summer in their dishes  that night.
And it was really an awesome  dining experience.

懐石料理 後藤 へ


Quinoa and broccoli salad

Last  March when I went back to Japan, I ran into my friend from Singapore at the Tokyo station ,It was amazing that we bumped into each other in a crowded and busy station .
Last weekend, we met and had dinner . We enjoyed catching up and the dinner was very enjoyable.
the dish  I ate that night was quinoa and broccoli  salad.
it was more delicious than I expected.

For today's lunch ,I tried to recreate the salad for my husband and me.
It was delicious  and   super healthy  salad for your beauty.

Quinoa which is one of main ingredient of this salad contains high protein and low-carb ,so It's good for your diet instead of another high-carb like a white rice, bread and pasta etc.
quinoa provides all essential 9 amino acids and also gluten-free and cholesterol-free.
another main ingredient is broccoli and this healthy vegetable  contains much anti- oxidants and Vit.C which keeps your skin from aging due to oxidation
Almond and cranbery are good as anti- oxidants as well.
tomatoes have rikopin for fair skin .

ingredients  and how to cook

broccoli ( wash ,drain and cut into small bite)
quinoa (boiled in advance)
onion (chopped finely)
pine nuts
dry cranberry
tomato(cut into small bite)
wine vinegar
olive oil
lime juice
salt and pepper

mix all together
that's all!!

any herb, any spice to taste
I like to add chili pepper and coriander leaf.
mint leaf also could be nice.
enjoy your cooking!!



I cooked vege-ceviche for my weekend brunch with my husband.

The first time I ate cerviche was about 3 years ago when I went to Mexico for a vacation with my husband.

the resort (the one and only palmilla ,Los Cabos was wonderful place!) had a Japanese restaurant with a Japanese chef.

So, since my husband wants to eat japanese food wherever he went,
 we visited this Japanese restaurant and enjoyed the wonderful cuisine while speaking with the Japanese chef.
One night he made cerviche for us even though cerviche is a mexican food.
We really loved it. It was fresh and spicy and totally delectable .
After that  journey ,we sometimes visit Mexican restaurants to eat cerviche.

but last week, to my delight, in the vege-cooking class I attended , I was able to get the recipe of vege-cerviche.
This recipe, which includes mango, is as fresh and spicy as the traditional cerviche.

my husband loves this too, altough he doesn't like mango so much.
I'm really happy that it's very easy to make .

Vege-cerviche is ideal for weekend brunch, because the  fresh taste reminds me of that resort vacation , it is very relaxing.

I had vegan cooking class at palate sensations .
they offer a variety of cooking class.
not only vegan,
also western, chinese,japanese, french,italian etc
they have even hawker dishes class!!

palate sensations